Happisburgh Lifeboat Crew’s look back at 2013

Happisburgh Lifeboat Crew’s look back at 2013 with the awards and dinner dance held at Sutton Staithe Hotel on 22nd February 2014.

Just under a hundred people attended the dinner dance. After the meal the main purpose of the evening was to look back at 2013.

Happisburgh R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Station volunteers have had a busy 2013, with seven services for our D-Class, Spirit of Berkhamsted, and five services for our Atlantic, Douglas Paley. The services include swimmers, people on reefs, missing divers, broken down boats and missing dogs. The crew have also helped when the boats were not needed, for a man with head injuries who was treated on the beach until handover to the Air Ambulance.

The volunteers have also carried out training on Sundays and Tuesdays; all the crew and shore crew have to be assessed to show their progression through their training programmes on station, courses are also run at RNLI college in Poole.
Jake Munday went on his Helm Course in February and passed out as helmsman on the D Class in December.
Bob Mann and Sean Ferguson both went on a mechanics course, for the Atlantic 75, in June with Dave Cato completing his crew course also in June.

601477_10153174730315576_683012681_nIf services and training was not enough the crew also did fundraising for the RNLI throughout the year raising a total of £18,500, this includes: last year’s Dinner Dance £545, Lifeboat Fete £4,800. Christian, Dave, Will, Danny, Tim and Justin took on the Three Peaks Challenge, climbing the three highest peaks in Britain; they climbed a total height of 3,407 meters, hiked 25 miles up and down and Justin drove 1,338 miles. They raised a total of £2,250 through the station with more raised on line.

The Achievement award, is decided on by all the station and this year went to Jake Munday for all his work with the press to raise the Station profile with the Three Peak Challenge and the dog rescue at Sea Palling in December. He was also recognised for passing out as a D Class helmsman.

Cedric Cox, Peter Poll, Philip Smith, Rita PollPeter and Rita Poll, who have both supported the station with our shop and collection boxes since the mid 80’s, were presented with a cake, in the shape of a collection box and flowers for Rita.

Station members recognised by the RNLI

Two members of the station have been given awards by the RNLI, Cedric Cox who joined the Crew in 1967 and then became Lifeboat Operations Manager in 1992 has been awarded the RNLI’s Gold Badge and Dawn Phenix, who is the Station Administration Officer and head of Fundraising  has been awarded thanks on Vellum for all her work at the station. The Vellum recognises the great cause of life-saving from disaster at sea and desires to acknowledge with warm appreciation the voluntary commitment of the local lifeboat community and the dedication and courage of the coxswains, helmsmen, operations and crews who have never failed to maintain the high traditions of the lifeboat service.

RNLI Happisburgh give Sea Palling couple an early Christmas gift

Happisburgh RNLI Lifeboat Station volunteers have given a Sea Palling couple an early Christmas gift.

Today, the 22nd December, both Happisburgh Lifeboats were at sea on a training exercise when they were informed of a dog that had been washed out to sea off Sea Palling. The owner had seen his Labrador dog go into the sea and taken away by the tide; he had searched with the help of two kayakers, however they were unable to locate the dog. They informed the coastguard, the owner then went home to inform his wife of the loss.

The Happisburgh lifeboats
The Happisburgh lifeboats

The Station’s “D Class”, Spirit of Berkhamsted, with Jake Munday at the helm and crew of Sean Ferguson and Will Baker, started to search the reefs with the Atlantic, Douglas Paley, with Matt Bales at the helm and crew of Tony Phenix and Dave Cato, searched the sea approximately ½ mile off the beach. After some time the Spirit of Berkhamsted had searched as far as Reef 3 when they heard a dog barking, so Will Baker was put on the reef to search for the dog.

He found the dog at the bottom of the reef on the seaward side; the dog appeared to be unhurt but cold, wet and frightened. Sean Ferguson then joined Will and together they coaxed and carried the dog across the reef to the awaiting Spirit of Berkhamsted. They then returned to Sea Palling beach where members of Sea Palling Lifeboat wrapped the dog in a blanket and took her back to their Lifeboat Station before contacting the owner.

We are sure this will make their Christmas much more enjoyable with the return of their pet. We also believe that she was a nursing mother so this rescue will make a great difference to her pups.

This rescue was the first for Jake Munday, as a helmsman, having only been “passed out” by the Divisional Inspector last Thursday 19th December; Jake joined the crew in August 2010, attending his Crew Course at Cowes, IOW in February 2011 then his Helmsman Course, also at Cowes, in February 2013.

Jake said “This was one lucky dog, just grateful to be in the right place at the right time!”

Crew reunited with Quila the dog

One week on and Happisburgh R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Station volunteers were reunited with Quila, the dog they rescued off Sea Palling on the 22nd December.

???????????????????????Today, 29th December 2013, Mike and Caroline Jenner brought Quila and her daughter Summi to meet the crew who had pulled Quila from the reefs off Sea Palling. Jake Munday, Will Baker and Sean Ferguson had been out on their morning exercise last Sunday when they were made aware of the lost dog, last seen drifting out to sea off Sea Palling.

Today was a much more pleasant meeting; Quila was pleased to meet up with the crew again. Mike and Caroline, the dog’s owners, were so grateful to the crew for their hard work.  After the meeting they all went back to the crew room where they were able to watch the whole rescue on video, with the crew giving them the full story.  Then Quila presented a donation to Will Baker on behalf of the RNLI.

Crew respond to teenager blown out to sea on a surfboard

Happisburgh RNLI Lifeboat Station volunteers were called into action today, the 15th August, to a teenager drifting out to sea with the off shore winds.

The pagers alerted the crew at 3:50pm; the Spirit of Berkhamsted was en route to North Gap, Eccles at 4pm.  At the helm was Tim Grimmer and crew of Cubitt Siely and Charlotte Siely. The family of a teenager raised the alarm after he was being blown out to sea on a surfboard with the off shore wind.  However,  the teenager was able to make his own way ashore resulting in the crew being stood down by the coastguard at 4:05pm. The crew carried on to scene as they were then so close and arrived on scene 2mins later.  They went ashore and gave advice to the teenager and family on the dangers of off shore winds.

People should be aware of the effect of off shore winds when using any type of craft ie inflatables, surfboards or small boats, as the wind will take you out a lot quicker than you think; if using inflatables please tether them to the shore or a person and be safe.

This was the first call out for Cubitt Siely, who previously had to retire on reaching the age of fifty, but with the recent change in the retirement age, to 55, he has had a medical and returned to the crew list as a helmsman.

The Lifeboat returned to station and was ready for service at 4:35pm.

Early morning call to Yacht with lost power

Early morning call into action for Happisburgh R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Station volunteers.

Pager went off at 5.47am this morning 16th July; Humber Coastguards had call from Spirit Phil a 28 feet yacht which had lost all power off Walcott.

Douglas Paley the stations Atlantic was launched at 5.57am with Matt Bales at the helm and Charlotte Siely, Cubitt Siely Jnr as crew.

With the flat sea state and very good visibility the crew soon spotted the yacht and went alongside and checked on the two crew who were both well.

Cromer RNIL lifeboat had also been called to tow the yacht to Great Yarmouth, Happisburgh lifeboat helped with rigging of the tow before returning to station.

Cromer lifeboat then started the tow to Great Yarmouth.

Happisburgh Lifeboat was back on station and ready for service at 7.10am.

Crew called to reports of two missing divers

Happisburgh R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Station volunteers were called into action this afternoon 13th July, to reports of two missing divers 5 miles off the coast at Bacton Gas Site.

Pagers went off at 4:15pm and both Happisburgh Lifeboats were on route to scene by 4:25pm, with Tony Phenix at the helm of Douglas Paley and Charlotte Siely, Ross Scannell as crew, Christian Larter at the helm of Spirit of Berkhamsted and Jake Munday, Alex Willoughby as crew.

Reports of two missing divers had come from Anglian Diver who had drifted and in the foggy conditions were unable to locate two divers; the call was put into the Coastguard who also launched lifeboats from Cromer and Mundesley to carry out a search.

Before any of the lifeboats had reached the area, Anglian Diver had located the missing divers with the help of other dive boats close by; all the lifeboats were stood down and returned to their stations.

Both Happisburgh Lifeboats were back on station and ready for service again at 5:30pm.

Crew sadly recover body

Happisburgh R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Station volunteers were called into action today 6/7/13 to reports of a body, face down, in the water off the sea front at Walcott.

The pagers went off at 10:40am and the Atlantic 75, “Douglas Paley” was launched and arrived on scene at 10:53am, with Tony Phenix on the helm and crew of Charlotte Siely and Jake Munday.  They found a body of a male, face down, in water by the groins.

The Police and Ambulance were already on scene and the male in his 40’s was declared dead.

Charlotte and Jake were put on the beach to help the Police with their investigation before removing the body from the water.  There was a 12 feet drop from the sea wall to the beach so the Lifeboat crew were asked to recover the body; Tony put the Atlantic onto the beach and the body was lifted on a stretcher then taken back to Happisburgh Station where the Police took full control and removed the body.

The Lifeboat was ready for service by 1 pm.

The crew extends our condolences to the family.

Crew save injured jet skier

Happisburgh R.N.L.I. volunteers leapt into action to help save the life of young man, who was found floating face down, after being hit on the head by jet-ski.

At 12:50pm today the 16th June 2013, volunteers at Happisburgh Lifeboat Station were just finishing their morning’s exercise, when they were alerted to the incident that had happed just off the station ramp. A young man  in his early 20’s had fallen off his jet-ski which then hit him on his head, he was spotted laying face down by his brother who pulled him ashore and called for help.

Tony Phenix (helm) and Sean Ferguson(crew) went straight onto the beach and gave first aid; John Fryer (shore crew) called the Ambulance service and with his information the Ambulance service sent the Air Ambulance and a Ambulance. Cubitt Siely (training Co-ordinator) also assisted.

The patient was given Oxygen and had his wound dressed, he was immobilised and put in the lifeboat stretcher to be moved off the beach.

All four of the lifeboat volunteers treated and monitored the patient, updating the Ambulance service of his condition.  The Air Ambulance arrived at 1pm and the crew took a full history from the RNLI volunteers and carried out their assessment before flying the patient to Accident & Emergency at N&N Hospital.

Happisburgh and Mundesley Coastguard, Police and land Ambulance also attended the scene.

Happisburgh RNLI were glad to put their training to good use even though the Lifeboat was not needed.

Crew respond to reports of four children in trouble on reef at Sea Palling.

Happisburgh R.N.L.I. Volunteer Crew were called into action for the second time in 24hrs to Sea Palling.

At 11:45am today, 6th May 2013, the pagers went off to reports of four children in trouble on reef 4 at Sea Palling. Four minutes later the station’s D-Class lifeboat Spirit of Berkhamsted was en route to the reef with Tim Grimmer at the helm and crew of Christian Larter, and Jake Munday.

On arrival at reef 4, Sea Palling, the crew found there was approx 20 people, adults and children, on the reef.  The crew approached the reef and gave safety advice on the dangers of the reefs, the crew then liaised with the Coastguards on the beach, who were worried as the tide was coming in and asked the Lifeboat crew to return and ask the group to leave the reef for their own safety. Once all the people had left the reef the crew then returned to station. En route to station the crew saw another group of people on

reef 3 and again advised then to return to shore.  Spirit of Berkhamsted then returned to station and made ready for service at 1pm.

The reefs at Sea Palling are very inviting, as at low water people can walk and wade to them, but there are many dangers such as being cut off by the tide and slipping or falling into the deep caverns which lie under the top layer. The best advice is to stay off the reefs, and enjoy the sandy beaches.

RNLI Lifeguards will be operating at Sea Palling by the next bank holiday and for the rest of the summer.

Welcome to Happisburgh lifeboat station