Launch Tractor Bog Down Tests Training & Equipment

On Sunday 10th December 2017, when the stations Atlantic 85 had been launched on its normal Sunday morning exercise the launching tractor became stuck in soft sand do to the recent storms, this is known as a bog down.

The driver shut down and tractor and made his way safely to shore, the stations Atlantic 85 made its way to Gorleston to be moored at Gorleston Lifeboat station. Today 12th December 2017 with the help of a recovery tractor the station tractor was recovered from the sea this morning at low water, the station tractor was found to be dry inside and after routine check should be back on service by the end of the week, the launching trailer has not suffered any major damage from its 48hrs in the north sea.

Tractors become bogged down from time to time, the drivers are fully trained and as  shown from this is able to be successfully recover the tractor and trailer with both being able to be put back into service.

This shows the high stands of both equipment and training the RNLI have to enable its volunteers to carry out their role of saving life’s at sea.

The stations Atlanic 85 will return to station once tractor and trailer have been checked over the D Class Lifeboat has been on service and ready for action,

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