Joe the dog rescued from beach after falling down cliff

A dog which had fallen down a north Norfolk cliff was reunited with his relieved owner thanks to a rescue by local lifeboat and coastguard crews.

The spaniel, called Joe, and his owner Anne were walking near Manor Caravan Park when Joe landed on the beach, with no way to get back, on Saturday afternoon (November 25).

The Happisburgh and Mundesley Coastguard Rescue Team was called in to help.

Pete Revell, from the Coastguard, said: “The dog was stuck on the beach and the owner was frantically trying to get to the dog, but because there was no access in that area, she couldn’t get down to the beach.

“We were tasked with looking after her safety so that she didn’t attempt to go down the cliff, and we were also contemplating how to get the dog.”

Mr Revell said it was decided to involve the RNLI’s Happisburgh Lifeboat Station. The station’s D Class Russel Pickering launched at around 1.40pm – its first call out since it arrived at the station in September .

Mr Revell said: “One crew member went onto the beach, they got the dog on a leash and walked it through the surf to its owner.

“Anne had just moved to Happisburgh, and she was just going for the first of many dog walks.

“It was one she won’t forget.”

An RNLI spokesman said: “The lifeboat launched with Tim Grimmer at the helm and Charlotte Siely, Martin Gibbs and Sam Gillard and went to the beach at the Manor Caravan Park. The lifeboat was beached and Martin Gibbs was put ashore and was able to get the dog and walk it along the beach to be reunited with its owner. Anne.

“Martin was then picked up and Russell Pickering returned to station and back on service.”

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