Crew launch D-Class to Drifting Inflatable

HM Coastguard contacted Paul Broomfield, Deputy Launching Authority at Happisburgh, at 4:05pm and informed him that an inflatable dinghy with two persons on board was drifting out to sea.  He alerted the volunteer crew and the station’s Russell Pickering D/Class lifeboat was soon on the water with Tim Grimmer on helm and Martin Gibbs as crew.  No sooner than they were on the water the Coastguard called them and informed them that a kayak had towed the dinghy to the beach; the crew were stood down and returned to the station.

Tim Grimmer said ‘people need to be careful when using any type of inflatable on the beach, the inflatable needs to be tethered securely to the shore, someone needs to be ashore with means of calling for help if anything happens then call 999 and ask for the Coastguard, and don’t forget if your inflatable blows away, even if no one is onboard, please inform the Coastguard of where it is heading plus colour and size’.

Russell Pickering was refuelled and made ready for service again. We are greatful to the kayaker who towed the dinghy ashore.