Crews & Operations Team

The Happisburgh Lifeboat Team

Area Names RoleImage
Station Management Cubitt Siely Lifeboat Operations Manager The Happisburgh lifeboats
Robert Ferguson Deputy Launching Authority The Happisburgh lifeboats
Colin Fleming Deputy Launching Authority The Happisburgh lifeboats
Cedric CoxDeputy Launching AuthorityThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Boat CrewTim Grimmer Senior Helm The Happisburgh lifeboats
Tony Phenix HelmThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Christian Larter HelmThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Charlotte Siely Helm & Fundraising Chairman The Happisburgh lifeboats
Jake Munday Helm The Happisburgh lifeboats
Cubitt Siely Jnr Trainee Helm The Happisburgh lifeboats
Will Baker Crew The Happisburgh lifeboats
Sean Ferguson Crew & Relief Mechanic The Happisburgh lifeboats
Martin GibbsProbationary CrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Gaby HawkerProbationary CrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Sam GillardProbationary CrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
John HolsworthProbationary CrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Daniel BunterProbationary CrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
David LovedayProbationary CrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
You?Probationary CrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Shore Crew Bob Mann Station Mechanic & Tractor Driver The Happisburgh lifeboats
Mark Defraine Relief Mechanic & Tractor Driver The Happisburgh lifeboats
Justin Arnold Tractor Driver The Happisburgh lifeboats
Alex Williams Tractor Driver The Happisburgh lifeboats
Eddie AskewHead LauncherThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Steve PollShorecrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Paul BroomfieldShorecrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Jason JeffreysShorecrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Ian RillieShorecrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Mark JarvisShorecrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Daniel BacShorecrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Jack TorneShorecrewThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Station Officials Dawn Phenix Station Administrator The Happisburgh lifeboats
Mike ForsdickBoathouse ManagerThe Happisburgh lifeboats
Philip Smith LMG Chairman & Press Officer The Happisburgh lifeboats
Sally Smith LMG Treasurer The Happisburgh lifeboats
Jim Page LMG Education & Visits Officer The Happisburgh lifeboats
Les Bennett Collection Boxes The Happisburgh lifeboats
Souvenir Shop Shop Manager Jacqui Robertson The Happisburgh lifeboats

Happisburgh RNLI Lifeboat Station

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea
We provide, on call, a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the UK and Ireland, and a seasonal lifeguard service.
With our lifeboats, lifeguards, safety advice and flood rescue, we are committed to saving lives.

Join our crew

Imagine for a moment that you’re part of the crew on a lifeboat. It’s 2.30am on a freezing January morning and the pager’s just woken you from a deep sleep in a snug warm bed. You then head out to sea in complete darkness and 10m waves rise and fall around you, ready to swamp you at any moment. Strong gale force winds throw the lifeboat around like a toy. A fishing trawler is in difficulties 23 miles out to sea.

Still want to volunteer? Read on…

Our crew members need to:
• be over 17 (with the permission of your parents) or over 18 years old
• be under 55 years old (inshore lifeboat)
• pass a medical and eyesight test
• be physically fit
• live and/or work close to a lifeboat station
• pass a probationary period that usually lasts for one year
• be a team player and be accepted by the rest of the crew
• enjoy hard physical work
• get on well with other people
• communicate easily
• obey orders when required to.

Being part of a lifeboat crew is a major commitment, which could include risking your life. Your commitment isn’t only measured in the time spent involved in rescues. In-creasingly, new equipment and faster boats mean that regular training programmes al-so account for much of your spare time. You may also be asked to help show visitors around the station and with local fundraising.

What’s in it for you?

The RNLI provides first class training and equipment, guidance and support. Volun-teering with us offers you the opportunity to make a difference in your local commu-nity, to save lives and be part of the larger RNLI family. We can offer you one of the most exciting and fulfilling volunteer roles available.

Still interested?

If the thrill of a shout and being part of a close-knit team appeal to you, and you have the spare time required to make a commitment, then contact Happisburgh Lifeboat Station.

Our Volunteers meet every Sunday morning at 9.00am and Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm for their weekly training exercises. Call 01692 583269 and leave your details or E-mail We would be happy to see you, meet our volunteers and find out more.