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Donation From Barrington Farm Residents

Barrington Farm is a unique independent day services centre for adults with learning difficulties, based at Walcott, which has come to the aid of Happisburgh RNLI volunteers by raising £440.05 for the station to save lives at sea.

Amanda Colman has been running a drama group at Barrington Farm for about two years.  Amanda said ‘we became interested in the history of the coastal area around Walcott and the idea of making a show about smugglers, lifeboat crews and the beauty and joy of our Norfolk Coast was created.  The cast were particularly interested in learning about lifeboat crews and their daring rescues.
We believe that theatre should be free and accessible to all and decided that we would “pass the hat” around at the end of the show and donate the proceeds to the RNLI.  The show was a success and we, the cast and staff of Barrington Farm were amazed at the incredible response we received .
Creating our recent show Beside the Sea has given the cast a voice; we were busy in the art barn leading up to the production making the set and costumes plus rehearsing two days per week.  The performers were inspired to be raising money for the RNLI and are quite rightly very, very proud of their achievement.
We naturally suffered from an after show slump (which is very common!) before deciding to cobble together another show in time for Christmas which we are presently working on – it’s called A Partridge on a Settee and will be on 18/12/19’.

Volunteers from Happisburgh went along to meet the cast and hear their stories, the cast then presented the cheque.

The RNLI is facing a Perfect Storm: our volunteers are busier than ever; providing a world class rescue service but people are still drowning, however our income is down so we need more money to save more lives – investing in the future of lifesaving is vital. Fund raising like this is essential in order to enable us to carry on with this work.

Visit to donate.

Norwich Street Pastors Undertake Throwline Training

Happisburgh Community Safety Team

Today, 15th June 2019, the Team has been training the Norwich Pastors with Norfolk Fire Service, Broads Beat Police and Coastguards. The Pastors patrol the streets of Norwich on weekends nights.  They were trained in Water Safety and Throw Line training to be able to give aid to people who have ended up in the water, without putting themselves in danger. They were joined in this training with staff from Zaks Waterside.

If any other group are interested then contact

The Coastal Safety Team

Happisburgh Lifeboat Station


01692 583269

Lifeboat Launched to Mystery Object In Sea

Happisburgh Lifeboat called out to investgate mystery yellow and green object

 Today 22 June 2019 Happisburgh Coastwatch lookout saw an object off the coast off Happisburgh, they in turn called UK Coastguard who informed our volunteers.

Cubitt Siely, Lifeboat Operations Manager, set the pagers off at 4:11pm and the Station’s Atlantic Howard Bell was on the water in ten minutes, with Charlotte Siely on the helm and Martin Gibbs, Chris Rigsby and Louise Brooks as crew. After ten minutes they found the the object off Bacton which turned out to be a twelve foot string of sixty yellow and green balloons. These were recovered from the water before the crew carried out a search of the area but found nothing more.

Howard Bell then returned to Station and was recovered and made ready for service again by 5:10pm.

Charlotte Siely said “if anyone loses balloons or inflatables that then get blown out to sea please call UK Coastguard and inform them of what has been lost”.



Today’s call out was the second for Chris Rigsby and Louise Brooks, two of our newer volunteers.

Lifeboat Launched to Suspected Body Off Happisburgh


Happisburgh RNLI volunteers were called into action Friday 14th June 2019 at 5:30pm to an object in the water 400m off Town Gap, Happisburgh.

The UK Coastguard alerted Deputy Launching Authority, Paul Broomfield with the information; he in turn alerted the crew to launch the Station’s D Class lifeboat Russell Pickering to investigate the object.  Within minutes the Lifeboat was on the water with Tim Grimmer as helm and Sean Thurston and Jon Newton as crew.

Russell Pickering was soon off town gap and, with Bacton Coastguard with the caller, soon established that the object was in fact the Wave Buoy which is operated by the Environment Agency.

This was a false alarm with good intent. Tim Grimmer said “if you are not sure of what you are seeing and worried then call 999 and ask for the Coastguard; the most important thing for the caller to do is to stay and watch the object until the Coastguard and Lifeboat arrive on scene so the object can be checked.  This is what this caller did. If he had not stayed and observed the object then there would have had to be a full scale search.”

Russell Pickering returned to station and was ready for service at 6:10pm.

This was the first shout for Jon Newton.

Atlantic Launches to Cruiser with Engine Problems

Happisburgh Lifeboat Volunteers were called into action tonight Sunday 9th June at 7:20pm to go to the aid of a 31 ft cruiser that had broken down off the coast at Happisburgh Lighthouse.

Deputy Launching Atuthoriy Paul Broomfield was alerted by the UK Coastguard and in turn alerted the crew for a launch of the Station’s Atlantic Howard Bell with Jake Munday on the helm and Martin Gibbs, Sean Thurston and Chris Rigsby as crew.

Howard Bell was soon alongside a 31 ft cruiser which had lost power with four persons on board; Martin Gibbs and Sean Thurston were put on board the cruiser to try to get the cruiser underway.  They managed to get the engines started again but after 5 mins they stopped; the crew were unable to get them restarted. They then rigged for towing the cruiser to Great Yarmouth.

Once underway the Lifeboat was only making a speed of 6 knots which would have taken them till after 11pm to arrive at Great Yarmouth.  The crew informed  UK Coastguards and Caister Lifeboat was launched to come up the coast to meet them and then take over the tow to Great Yarmouth.  The transfer of tow took place off Horsey at 9:30pm.

 Once the tow was safely handed over to Caister Lifeboat the Howard Bell returned to Station and was rehoused and made ready for service by 10pm.

This was the first callout for Chris Rigsby. Jake Munday said “this was a good job and the crew all worked well together and it is always good to work with other Lifeboats”

Lifeboat Launches To Injured Walker

Happisburgh Lifeboat volunteers were called to the aid of an injured female on the beach at Happisburgh this morning 27th May 2019.

The Station’s deputy launching authority Bob Mann was alerted at 10am by the UK Coastguard, and informed  that a female was on the beach injured. The Coastguard team requested evacuation by Lifeboat due to the fact that she was below the old Coast Watch lookout with no vehicular access. The station volunteers were paged and the station’s D Class “Russell Pickering” with Tim Grimmer and Jake Munday as Helm and Martin Gibbs and Sean Thurston as crew were launched to her aid.

On arrival the crew worked with the Coastgaurd team who had walked along the beach; they were joined by the paramedic to package the patient before transporting her back to station by Lifeboat. Then on arrival back at station they floated “Russell Pickering” back on to her carrage and returned to the boathouse to tranferr the patient to the awaiting ambulance, before being transported to hospital for ongoing treatment.

The crew made “Russell Pickering” ready for service at 11:30am.

Tim Grimmer said  “it is aways good to work with other emergency services and help towards the care of the patient. If you are in trouble on the beach or sea then dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard for help”.

Interested in becoming a crew member?
The charity welcomes people from all walks of life and no previous sea-going experience is needed to join the lifeboat crew. The RNLI provides fantastic training to turn ordinary people into lifesavers. By volunteering with the RNLI people will gain some great experience, knowledge and skills.

Happisburgh RNLI are always looking for new volunteers to help run the lifesaving service.  If you are aged 17 or over, physically fit, work or live within 10 minutes of the lifeboat station and eager to join a lifesaving organisation then please come by and say hello.

Volunteers meet every Sunday morning at 9.00am and Tuesday evenings at 7.00pm for their weekly training exercises.

Happisburgh Lifeboat Station looked back at 2018

Happisburgh Lifeboat Station looked back at 2018 with the Awards and Dinner Dance held at Woodland Holiday Park Trimingham on Saturday 18th May 2019 .

Over seventy-five people attended the dinner dance.  After the meal the main purpose of the evening was to look back at 2018 before the band ‘The Invisible Band’ took to the stage. The evening raised £ 750, through the Raffle and Auction, for the RNLI who depends on these donations to carry on with our role of saving lives.

Cubitt Siely, Lifeboat Operations Manager, thanked all our volunteers and supporters for all their help and support that they had given throughout 2018 to provide a 24/7 search and rescue service. We rely on volunteers to help save lives. 

 Philip Smith, Chair of the Lifeboat Management Group, gave a roundup of 2018.

Happisburgh R.N.L.I. Lifeboat Station volunteers were called into action 7 times in 2018. The Community Safety Team has been doing throw bag training for bars and restaurants that are situated near water in Norwich and around the Broads.  This is part of the RNLI ‘Respect the Water’ campaign to reduce the number of deaths from drowning.  The callouts included everything from engine problems, demasted yachts, inflatables, medical evacuation and dogs in the sea.

Twelve volunteers sucessfully passed the RNLI Casualty Care course.  

Bob Mann attended the Cenotaph in London..

He thanked:

  • Paul Broomfield and Bob Mann for their work on the net trials being carried out for the RNLI.
  • Tim Grimmer for all his support and that of his employer to allow him to be available to answer his pager at all times.
  • Charlotte Siely, who has carried on with her work as helm and assessor so others are able to work through their training plan. She also continued with the station recruitment campaign. We are always looking for new volunteers to carry on our work of saving lives at sea.
  • David Loveday and Sean Thurston who passed out on their crew plan and are now moving onto a Mechanics Plan (for David) a Helm Plan on a D Class (for Sean).

 The RNLI is a charity and 2018 Lifeboat day and fete raised over £8,000.

 The Kelvin Baker Achievement Award is in memory of Kelvin Baker who was a leading member of the Lifeboat, well respected for his professionalism and boat handing skills as a helmsman. He was taken from us on 17th March 2008, 11 years ago.

Kelly you are not forgotten and the Kelvin Baker achievement award lives on in your memory promoting the commitment and professionalism we like to think he would have approved of.

The Station decided that this year’s Kelvin Baker Achievement award should go to Steve Poll.

Steve Poll is part of our shore crew, which enables our boat to be launched and recovered safely. Steve has work hard and is always ready to help in any way; he has worked through his Shore Crew plan and is now working through his Head Launcher plan. Steve has had a bad year health wise but has still been there to support the rest of the shore crew.

The Service Award for Memorable Service was not awarded for 2018 as No service warranted this award in 2018.

 Everyone enjoyed the night